1. Dogs hanging out of windows in pictures

    Dogs just love feeling the wind in their fur, as these striking photographs show

    From Dogs Hanging Out of Windows (Orion, £9.09)

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  2. Creatic for iPhone

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    DeliX Software has released a new iOS app named Creatic.

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  3. Canon EOS C100 Mark II

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    Canon today announced the Canon EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera.

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  4. Digital Splash Returns

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    Now in its 6th year, Digital Splash - which is hosted by Wilkinson Cameras – will see a selection of the UK’s best photographers descend on Preston for a celebration of all things photography related.

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  5. Colombian photographer Juan Fernando Herrán wins Prix Pictet commission

    The fifth Prix Pictet Commission has been awarded to Colombian photographer Juan Fernando Herrán. The award, which this year has the theme of consumption, will enable Herrán to produce a series of photographs examining material culture and consumption in indigenous communities in Colombia, where Herrán says ‘the economic value of objects is not fundamental’.
    He spoke to us at the launch of 2014 Prix Pictect exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert museum in May about his shortlisted selection of photographs from his latest work Escalas (Stairs). Continue reading…

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  6. Pink and blue planet: the kids whose obsessions go too far in pictures

    Since 2005, JeongMee Yoon has photographed the worlds least gender neutral kids for The Pink and Blue Project to show that, no matter where children live, stereotypes pervade

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  7. Life along Afghanistan’s highway one in pictures

    Around 14 million people live along highway one, a 2,000-kilometre ring road that connects the countries largest cities Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar. Snaking around the Hindu Kush across barren deserts and imposing mountain passes, the road is fraught with potholes, explosives and treacherous bends. The list long list of countries that participated in its decades-long construction consider the ring road a key infrastructural achievement. As Nato withdraws from Afghanistan after a 13-year military presence, both optimism and foreboding is palpable among the residents. The Other Islamic Republic is part of our expanding coverage of the region, here in partnership with Afghanistan Today

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  8. Fujifilm RAW and Lightroom: How Are Things as 2015 Nears?

    As good as X-Trans sensors are in terms of performance, most software makers have had some trouble with demosaicing the slightly unusual RAW files in the past.

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  9. Stereo pictures more than a Victorian relic | @guardianletters

    Readers wondering why a pair of stereoscopic images accompanied the story of Brian Mays Tate exhibition (Brian May turns up the stereo with Victorian 3D photos at Tate Britain, 21 October) when they need to be seen through the lenses of a special viewer can relax. The equipment is readily available in the form of your eyes. The technique is to hold the page about 12 inches in front of the face and focus on a point midway between the two images. Allowing the eyes to cross will combine the outer images into a central one which is then seen as stereoscopic.

    Far from being a Victorian relic, such stereoscopic viewing is routinely used in scientific papers published in journals of structural molecular biology.
    Dr Keith Snell
    Cockermouth, Cumbria

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  10. René Burri

    Adventurous Magnum photographer known for portraits of Che and Picasso and insightful reportage from remote corners of the world

    The photographer René Burri, known for his portraits of Che Guevara and Pablo Picasso, who has died aged 81, was an early member of the renowned Magnum photo agency. Burris naturalistic, editorial style of photography suited the company well, and he was a close friend of Werner Bischof, a fellow Swiss photojournalist, who had joined Magnum in 1949, scarcely a year after its creation. When Bischof was killed in a road accident in Peru in 1954, Burri stepped into the older mans role as the adventurous and cosmopolitan photographer who covered the most extreme and remote landscapes of the world.

    In the heyday of photo-magazines, Burris work appeared regularly in publications including Life, Look, Paris-Match, Stern, the Sunday Times, the Sunday Telegraph and, most often, Du, the mass-circulation Swiss weekly. Du commissioned stories from around the Mediterranean, and Burri also picked up industrial and commercial assignments in Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey from the late 1950s onwards. At the same time, quieter stories from closer to home the darkly cobbled streets of a misty Prague; a lengthy picture story on Germany in the 1960s that became a major touring exhibition showed a Europe ravaged by war, but returning to work, and even to carnival.

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